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NINKEND0 May 04, 2017 16:20

GhostCircus Apparel’s ever deepening affiliation with an abundance of artists of all varieties has grown immensely over the past 2 years. The latest inclusion to the GhostCircus Apparel family is Los Angeles based DJ/producer Kenny Barnes aka NINKEND0. After being introduced to owner/designer eli james through eli’s own family connections to the EDM/dance music world, “One day while hanging out with eli at a get together, he took me to his car to show me a bunch of stereotypes of clothes he was working on. I knew right then that I had to have something!” However Kenny’s association with GhostCircus Apparel has been slowly developing for a while, I’ve actually been wearing GhostCircus Apparel for 2 years now! When I first met eli, (through eli’s brother Joseph) we instantly hit it off, talking about music and stuff. Eli was always showing up in these fresh clothes and I told him that I had to get some!

Being a musician/producer, creating a unique image for yourself is vital. Something that has made GhostCircus Apparel something of an industry standard. “I love the avant-garde look to the brand. It feels like I’m wearing a piece of art. It’s cool, it’s fresh…it’s different! Perfect for a producer/DJ like myself.”

Kenny’s latest musical foray came in the form of a new EP titled ‘Ante Meridiem’ which was released in early April 2017 under his NINKEND0 pseudonym. “It is my first official foray into the EDM/dance/trap music scene. I like to refer to my style as “hybrid-trap” music. It has lots of heavy bass, funky synth leads and features a few dope vocalists which really help bring a great energy to the tracks. Dance music on steroids!” You can find NINKEND0 online here

As most artists will tell you, the key to success in the music industry is hard work. As the industry advances and technology makes writing, recording, releasing and promoting your work, more accessible, the only way to stand out and create a name for yourself is through tiresome months of long days and late nights immersed in your trade. That said however, it’s important to know a balance between work and play, something that Kenny is all too aware of, “This year I promised myself that I would travel more. I went to Bali in January, I’m going to Mexico in June and I hope to visit my friend in Puerto Rico later in the year. You can always bet on finding me hiking or general exploring. I love trees and rivers and the ocean.”

Now that we’re getting deeper into 2017, Kenny’s focus is set firmly on NINKEND0. I am really putting all of my energy into this NINKEND0 release. I plan to put out another EP later this year as well as play out and develop my live show as much as possible! Musically I want to be playing shows regionally by the beginning of Fall. I’ll be attending Outsidelands in San Francisco and a few other music festivals in California as well.” Keep track of all things NINKEND0 by visiting the website


MEL MCFAIL March 23, 2017 22:55

Being a professional musician in 2016 is more strenuous than ever courtesy of the much publicised downward spiral of the rock and roll industry. However, musicians are among some of the most resourceful people on the planet. If you look at the music business from a different perspective, we are actually living through an incredibly exciting and intriguing artistic age. Artists in the 21st century are essentially visionary engines across multiple fields who have adapted to handle the adversity of the current climate. Musicians now are also actors, models, computer programmers, IT experts, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, writers, illustrators, and managers, among much more. The need for creators to find alternate imaginative outlets is leading to some incredibly exhilarating developments across the entire spectrum of ingenuity. Inspiring innovators like this surround GhostCircus Apparel in all directions. Recently we were joined by musician/model/chef Mel McFail. Mel’s music career speaks for itself, being the drummer for Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) and Hollywood-based industrial rock band Dead Girls Corp. But there’s much more to someone who personifies the rock and roll lifestyle of 2016.

Mel is currently drumming for Nita Strauss (guitarist for rock legend Alice Cooper), “She [Nita] is such as amazing person and inspirational musician. I’m so happy to be working with females on my level of professionalism and musicality, who are striving to make women significant in this industry again. I came from a punk rock background so drumming to metal is definitely new and a challenge for me. It’s made me better myself and I’m so excited and proud to be part of this project.” February 2016 also saw Mel become the new drummer for the Industrial goth rock band, Dead Girls Corp.

As is the case across a vast majority of the music industry, Mel is not unaccustomed to the art of custom apparel, “I wouldn’t say I’ve explored the fashion industry. I’ve sewn patches onto jackets using dental floss. As I said, I come from a punk rock background so I’ve been wearing ripped bands t-shirts and safety pins for a while.” The stylistic progression from tattered punk rock attire to GhostCircus Apparel is something Mel reflects upon proudly, “GhostCircus Apparel can be dressed up or down. I love the dark, ‘gothy’ aspects of the designs. The fabrics look great on stage and they breathe! I love how the dresses are sexy and sophisticated without showing too much skin. I’ve always loved eli james' [GhostCircus Apparel designer] designs and I was so excited when he told me about GhostCircus Apparel. So I’m stoked to be wearing some of his pieces.”

Combining creative fields takes a special kind of talent. This is something that Mel has expertly taken in her stride. Music aside, she is also an executive pastry chef. Music and culinary art are two vastly dissimilar industries that Mel has been able to ingeniously unify into an unparalleled, one of a kind, venture. “My cookbook has been a really fun project. Rather than just pictures of food, I’ve decided to use models and musicians to pose with the ingredients. It’s pretty weird, I have these visions of my model friends wearing sexy s&m lingerie and posing with carrots, ha! All of the recipes are named after 80’s metal songs. It all started with “Shout at the Devil’s Foodcake”, and just escalated from there. So many talented artists are a part of my dream project, and I couldn’t be happier.”

As of right now, there is a lot on Mel’s proverbial plate, “I’m really focused on this new band and have been rehearsing several times a week. We’ll be shooting a few music videos which will be released in December (hopefully) and recording a few songs as well. Keep an eye out for us!” With new music on the horizon and her cookbook right around the corner, we can’t wait to see where the next year takes this wonderfully talented member of the GhostCircus Apparel community.


Photos by Simon Green

Mel McFail online

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ALICIA VIGIL March 23, 2017 22:50

Musicians are ubiquitous in Los Angeles, however finding multi-talented artists who are capable of handling the competitive nature of the world’s entertainment capital is a much more laborious task. These days, artists are adapting to the concept of mastering multiple inspired avenues. One such example of this flexibility is GhostCircus Apparel artist Alicia Vigil.

At only 20, Alicia embodies the concept of the modern artist, with her accomplishments in music, modelling and on screen having already given her a résumé full of the kind of credits that most people spend years trying to build. From her band Hellfire Heart, to appearing in movies like Frankenstein Reborn and Mercenaries (alongside Vivica A. Fox from Independence Day: Resurgence) and starring in Black Veil Brides concept film 'Legion of the Black', as well as a successful modeling career, it’s safe to say that the world is an open book for Alicia.

GhostCircus Apparel and Alicia crossed paths in early 2016 during the annual NAMM convention in Anaheim, which was attended by designer eli james, “he started chatting and telling me about his line [GhostCircus Apparel], and I was all about it! We met at NAMM and planned out our first shoot from there.” Since then Alicia has been a constant body of support for GhostCircus Apparel, culminating in her being one of the faces of designer eli james’ first limited edition collection, ‘eli james RED’, alongside LA-based model Jade Ealy, “It was very flattering and honoring to be a face for ‘eli james RED’!” Being a professional musician and a model, Alicia is well accustomed to the art of fashion, on GhostCircus Apparel; she said, “I love that all of the pieces are literally hand designed, versatile and the fabrics Eli chooses are so soft! I don’t think I’ve come across anything I don’t like yet, which is awesome! I don’t think I’ll ever stop being in love with fashion!”

Despite a magnitude of talents, music is where the passion is at its peak for Alicia. Hollywood is awash with some incredible musical talent of all varieties, so naturally, it was the prime destination for this California local to come to apply her trade. After playing with the likes of Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick, Alicia helped form the all-girl rock band Hellfire Heart, which was founded by Jerry Only of the Misfits. “My biggest accomplishment is having recently last year with my former band [Hellfire Heart originally the She Demons], being able to tour the world with the Misfits. We worked very hard and the tour experience of meeting new faces and playing amazing venues every night was so rewarding!”

Being an entertainer in Los Angeles can be a daunting task, but it’s something that Alicia approaches with enthusiasm and excitement, “Just focus on yourself and what your goals are and as long as you work hard, you can achieve anything!! There are so many people not willing to go the extra mile and put in the hours, so as long as you stay focused, you’ll be great.” It’s this attitude that has aided Alicia in her own personal successes, “Don’t think about anyone else doing what you do as a competition.” In a city like LA, where the opportunities are endless for those willing to take the challenge, advice like that from someone who has already walked the walk, is invaluable.

When asked about the next 12 months, Alicia kept her cards close to her chest, “I can’t say too much right now, but I’m definitely working on a couple of new projects I’m so excited to release! This year has been full of hard prep work for some new music launching late 2016 or early 2017. Finishing up an EP, filming a music video and preparing for a full and busy 2017! I just can’t wait to be playing shows again and showing the world some fresh tunes!”

photos by: ahhmusephotography
and Cristina Preiss


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MALCOLM GUESS March 23, 2017 22:44

The fashion industry has long been a cesspool of collective talent, bringing together people from all creative walks of life under one collective umbrella. At GhostCircus Apparel, we have been able to bring together a plethora of artists from across the entire spectrum of inventive talent and mould those individual characteristics into a lifestyle that reflects every individual. Musician/engineer and videographer, Malcolm Guess joined us almost 12 months ago and has been a driving force behind the brand’s image and lifestyle agenda.

Malcolm’s affiliation with GhostCircus Apparel began in mid-2015 while performing with his band The Clouds Below; “Eli fitted me with a custom, all-white outfit for performing in. It’s super cool and comfy, which is perfect because I get sweaty as hell during a show!” GhostCircus Apparel represents a lifestyle of creative virtues, a movement that Malcolm’s life parallels in every possible way, “The clothes speak for themselves I love that I feel like I’m wearing a piece of custom art. A piece of art hanging on the wall is great to look at, but wearing that art is so much cooler. It’s a conversation starter, it’s an identity AND it’s a statement!” Malcolm's contributions to GhostCircus Apparel, however, have been much more than that, "I've been shooting a TON of behind the scenes video of the photoshoots and whatnot.  I've created a few little teaser vids that are floating around social media but I'm currently working on editing a longer promo vid. I just have sooo much killer content It's kinda hard to know where to start sometimes.  There could easily be 10 more behind the scenes videos I could make. All in due time. When I get them finished...they'll be out there for all to see."

As a musician, Malcolm’s originality and obsession with his art saw the birth of electro, pop/rock band The Clouds Below in 2013, with Kaura bandmate Benjamin Jones. “We’re always working on writing new tunes. Our show is constantly evolving with the lights and music we add to our set.” The Clouds Below have become renowned for their live show, incorporating a unique blend of electronic pop rock music with an expertly designed light show, created personally by Malcolm and Benjamin. The Clouds Below has become an outlet for many of Malcolm’s never ending repertoire of talents. However music, lighting and engineering, by no means, cover the vast array of passions that have made Malcolm a collective genius of sorts. Recently he filmed a short documentary with Cirque du Soleil, “That came from a really great connection my girlfriend Tammy Newcomer made with Facundo, the ringmaster of Kurios, the travelling Cirque du Soleil production. They collaborated on a creative photo shoot project. I captured the experience and made a short documentary out of it. It was such a fun project! He’s always travelling, so I’m not sure what’s next but when he comes through LA again and the creative lightning strikes, I’m sure there’ll be another adventure shared together.” Perfecting so many different forms of ingenuity takes a work ethic unbeknownst to most. To be the kind of individual who thrives on conquering new horizons, you mustn’t be afraid to dive into the unknown, open-minded and willing to ascertain the necessary attributes needed to master exactly what a project needs to thrive. Needless to say, this visionary passion requires a lot of work and energy. Malcolm embodies this way of life, “I wear waaaaay more hats than I probably should, but I don’t think I’m gonna stop trying on more! I bounce around from producing music for The Clouds Below as well as producing and engineering other artist’s music. I also work with my band mate in The Clouds Below, Benjamin Jones, shooting video content for ourselves as well as other bands and artists and brands. And if that weren’t enough hats, I also have a startup business that I kinda have to keep hush about for the time being, but it has to do with healthy, vegan snacks and treats :)” Malcolm is a man, addicted to art. He's the kind of person who couldn't stop creating, whether he wanted to or not. It's in his blood, and that makes for some interesting viewing. Be sure to keep up to date with all of his adventures through his social media and The Clouds Below website.

Malcolm Online Facebook - Instagram - The Clouds Below - Soundcloud

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BEDROS 'SPIDEY' AKKELION March 23, 2017 22:40

Imagine being able to make a living playing with and influencing people’s minds? The mere concept is both intriguing and extraordinarily entertaining. Mentalist/hypnotist/illusionist Bedros 'Spidey' Akkelion is someone who has perfected this exact craft and turned it into an abundant and thriving career. From contorting people minds on TV shows like Canada’s Got Talent, Wizard Wars, and Penn & Teller Fool Us, to wreaking havoc with illusionist supergroup The Surrealists, to becoming a household name through his viral videos on YouTube, Spidey is highly regarded as one of the magic industry’s most innovative and intriguing mental manipulators.

Spidey’s association with GhostCircus Apparel began in early 2016 while performing with fellow illusionist and GhostCircus Apparel artist Joseph Réohm as part of the magical supergroup trio, The Surrealists, “Joseph often wears GhostCircus Apparel and I knew I also had to get some of my own, something that reflects the mood of my show but also contributes to the mystery of my personality. As much as people ask, ‘how on earth did he do that?’ I want them to ask, ‘Where on earth did he get his clothes?’” In a profession such as magic, that relies so heavily on visual manipulation and inventive imagery, it is imperative that an artist’s image reflects their skill set, “GhostCircus Apparel is a perfect fit. Performers of my nature need an outfit that stands out and matches the original and magical content of the show. GhostCircus Apparel has custom made clothes for me that I can only describe as the perfect wardrobe for the modern magician. The materials used and the designs are extremely unique. They definitely stand out on stage.”

The human psyche is Spidey’s proverbial playground. There are very few things as fascinating as having someone enter your mind, rearrange your thoughts and then use the result as a form of entertainment, yet Spidey’s ability to use someone else’s brain as a tool for his art has captivated his audiences for over a decade. “A host on Entertainment Tonight ran away and left the studio after I did a Ouija type demonstration with a bell. She was screaming, “I gotta go, I don’t wanna be here anymooooooore!” That video is actually on my YouTube page.” The recognition Spidey has earned for his displays of mentalism and magic, has garnered him international acclaim, resulting in him being nominated for the Canadian Magician of the Year and ultimately being voted the amongst the best performers at the Just For Laughs Festival, from a total of 1.5 million votes.

Magic and illusion are one of the oldest forms of individual performance art, something that in recent times has had to adapt greatly as the world and modern media continues to evolve and develop. “When you perform live, the occasional slip-up or mess up is acceptable, quick recovery and the show goes on. On television [however], those cameras immortalize every moment of the performance, so it needs to be tight! Really tight!” Yet as a medium, television has given Spidey a platform to reach a much wider audience, evident through his YouTube channel, which has amassed millions of views. His performances on TV shows such as SyFy’s Wizard Wars and TruTV’s FakeOff, on top of performances on the Discovery Channel, have seen him gain the attention of not only some of the industry’s most influential personalities (such as Penn & Teller), but the public in general.

With magic having somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, there has never been a better time to be an established and accomplished figure in the illusion industry. “Right now my fall/winter tour has me booked up all the way until December so I’ll be on the road for the rest of 2016.” As Spidey sees the year out from the road, he has already started concentrating on next year, with “a few new projects in the works for 2017.” To experience Spidey’s unique brand of mentalism and hypnosis, check his website for tour dates, or his YouTube page for some truly enthralling spectacles and performances.

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YERO BROWN March 23, 2017 22:39

Fashion design is an art unlike any other. Like anything creative, it can manifest itself into any shape, size, colour, or style, accepting inspiration from even the most fleeting of experiences, but what sets fashion design apart from all other art forms, is the nature of the finished product. For an item to be wearable, it must reflect not only the nature of the bearer but also the creative vision of the designer, meanwhile blending this multitude of elements into something stylish and comfortable enough to adorn the human body. To perfect this ability is something most designers strive for years to achieve, however, Los Angeles-based designer Yero Brown is quickly amassing the attention of the fashion industry, after an uncharacteristically short period in the business. His own personal journey is something that GhostCircus Apparel is incredibly excited to be a part of.

“I was introduced to GhostCircus Apparel through a mutual friend of ours, Bobby Schubenski of Blackcraft Cult. I remember immediately falling in love with the brand and what Eli was doing.” Like many designers before him, Yero had a distinct vision in mind from the very beginning, of what he was longing to create, but it was the partnership with GhostCircus Apparel that enabled his vision to became a reality, “The drive and creative process, along with the knowledge of the industry that eli has, is priceless. Being able to see a piece made from just an idea to being sold at a premium price, is an experience beyond measure.”

The progression from visionary idealist, to accomplished and successful fashion designer has been an extremely fast-paced process, in retrospect, for Yero who only began designing in early 2016 after making the move from director/photographer, “a visual artist, is how I see myself. I was a video editor for 10 years professionally. I went to film school to focus on directing and later that year I added photography to my list of creative outlets. Art and fashion are just an extension of that.”

Yero’s interest in fashion was never really something that came to him by choice or desire, but something that naturally developed from his childhood, “My mother was never able to afford clothes for me, so I was forced to wear hand-me-downs from my cousin who was much larger than me. I would alter the clothes to fit me. This continued through high school and into my adult life.” As with so many artists, Yero still attributes elements of his career to the childhood influences that impacted his youth, “Andre 3000 from Outkast was a huge inspiration. His ability to just be himself. I’ve always felt a lot of people try to be different or unique, which in itself is ironic because you are what makes you different. We are as every snowflake or every spot on a leopard…unique!” This passion for individuality and distinctiveness surrounds Yero, whether it is by accident or a silent stance on the importance of independence, evident throughout every one of his designs is the desire to never limit oneself to the precedence of what has come before.

Yero’s brand has made immense growth over the last few months, “I’ve got a few orders from NBA players and some interest from people in the movie industry here in Hollywood. The brand itself is making a little noise right now, and I’m focused on making sure I keep that going. I’d like my work to take me as far as the audience who supports my brand will allow it to go. Everything I do is from a place of passion and creativity. I love making dope shit. If people love it as much as I do and I’m able to make affordable quality items, then it will take me far.”

All of Yero’s current designs can be found on his website

“When I see anyone being themselves and that uniqueness shines through, I admire it and am reminded to stay the course.” – Yero

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NADJA PEULEN March 23, 2017 22:37

Heavy metal is teaming with a wealth of incomparable talent and colossal personalities. There is, however, a much-addressed matter of a shortage of women applying their trade in the heavier genres of the music industry. Bassist Nadja Peulen has been the one major exception. In a career spanning over 20 years, Nadja has become one of heavy metals most recognized and accomplished women. Nadja’s ascension to musical paramount began in 1999 after joining nu-metal icons Coal Chamber and has since seen her evolve into one of heavy metals most admired figures.

Nadja’s association with GhostCircus Apparel originated at the very beginning, “I could be wrong, but I believe I may have the first dress that GhostCircus Apparel made, or maybe I just like to think that.” The affiliation was never really a question, with GhostCircus Apparel designer eli james being a local musician as well, “Eli’s a good friend of mine, we played in a band together a few years back.” Music and fashion are two art forms that have forever been intertwined and explored as different ends of parallel spectrums. Nadja is one such artist who has never been afraid to express herself with her style as well as her music, “I’ve always just been myself, which is a plethora of many things. So if GhostCircus Apparel can keep up with my many personalities and styles, we’ll fit together just fine.” Her personal style is one of the many things that have helped her identify herself, a responsibility GhostCircus Apparel has savoured, “I like the fit and the materials, which are very comfortable. I’m still surprised how my first dress fitting was almost perfect in size without being measured prior to manufacturing. Eli has a good sense of measurements and fit, I must say!”

GhostCircus Apparel, however, isn’t Nadja’s only familiarity with fashion. In 2000 she launched her own apparel company, Crueltees. Crueltees was soon picked up by alternative clothing chain Hot Topic and became available right across the United States. “I had a few very active years with Crueltees, until I got busy with music again and then I put it on the back burner. Fashion, styles, and business have changed since those early days and I’m looking to get back into it again as it’s still a passion of mine. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for some time now.”

Music and fashion though, only scratch the surface of Nadja’s creative initiative, “Music is my number one and when I’m not actively touring or working on fashion, I want to expand my website:, and turn it into an interactive site with blogs, video episodes, a discussion board, information, tips, a podcast and a merch store (which is already active).” Besides the social aspect of the lifestyle Nadja already lives and is looking to expand upon through her website, there’s so much more to this most intriguing and inspirational person. “Besides that, I’ve been into yoga for a while and lately also started attending meditation classes. So…slowly I’m turning into a metal hippie, or ‘zen bitch’, as I’d like to call it, hahaha! All good stuff for a future book!”

This ‘zen’ attitude has helped Nadja navigate the often confusing and overwhelming environment of the entertainment industry, with the kind of positivity and mental clarity that can only be acquired over time. “My experiences, good and bad, have prepped me for various things in life. In the end, I think it’s all about learning, becoming the best version of yourself and not taking anything too serious and personal. People live in their own reality and hear/see/perceive things according to their personal belief system. In a dog-eat-dog world, it’s helpful and freeing to have a different perspective and not take things personally. It’s a survival technique and yet really just a way of life to maintain your energy and happiness, so you can pay it forward to the right situations and people.”

2016 has been a year of preparation for Nadja, taking the necessary time to make the crucial steps forward, toward the next chapter of her already invigorating story. However the passion for art is something that will never disappear, and when asked about the future, Nadja was quick to leave her options open. It’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing/seeing and possibly wearing a lot more from Nadja in the not too distant future.

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THRASHER April 16, 2016 16:09

A little about THRASHER (Escape The Fate)

Thrasher is an American touring guitarist, songwriter, producer, mixer, and artist manager based out of Hollywood CA. After years of touring and playing for many bands he got the chance to play for, Los Angeles based band, Love Hate Hero. Moving to California from across the United States was a big change for Thrasher and opened the door for many amazing opportunities.

Thrasher is currently the lead guitar player for, International Touring Band, Escape The Fate. Headlining and playing Main Stage shows such as Co-Headlining Vans Warped Tour with Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria and many more, the famous Sunset Strip Music Festival with along side with Motley Crue, Bush, Public Enemy, and Matt and Kim to the Rockstars Uproar Fest Main Stage w/ Avenged Sevenfold Three Days Grace, Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, Sevendust.. 

With over 25 national and international tours/festivals under his belt and also Engineered/Performed guitars on Deuce's latest released record, Guitar's on Ashley Tisdale's release “Masquerade”, Lead Guita/Vox for Matt Toka (Warner) Guitarist/bass/Programmer/songwriter for Escape the Fate's latest record entitled "Hate Me" and also working on a solo project.. this is one rising star not to let out of your sites.. 

We are more than happy to be supporting this amazing artist and also being Featured in Escape The Fates latest music video “Remember Every Scar” where the full band is wearing many pieces of our line. Be sure to check it out when you can! 

Keep up to date with THRASHER:

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