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About GhostCircus Apparel

ghostcircus apparel about the brand

Today it seems as if we are all overwhelmed with information, constantly connected and going full throttle to keep pace with the rest of the world, our lives have become a 3-ring circus - crowded with the phantoms of our pasts, presents & futures, surrounding us without mercy as we try to keep living every day to the fullest.

We constantly change our minds and redirect our courses across the scatterbrained highways of life in order to keep moving forward and get that much closer to our dreams. We have to look like we know what we're doing, no matter what life throws our way - and that requires a new approach… call forth your own personal style armageddon and emerge from the ashes victoriously in our clothing.

If you can survive the every day madness and still look damn good while doing it… you win.

Clothing that truly becomes a part of you, sets you apart and keeps you ready for anything. Blaze your own trail, start your own trends and wear what you know is truly you. Inside and out.


 It's important to us to inform you that:

Most everything on our site is either one of a kind(s) OR made to order(s). We also have a few garments that may be restocked (ie beanies, hats, some tee's etc..).

Now what does this all really mean?..

One of a Kind: This is pretty much exactly what it says "One of a kind". These are custom garments hand made, here at GhostCircus HQ, on / at your request. We really like to take the time with you and go over specific garment details or maybe a certain style that you've always dreamt about having but never been able to find it or been able to make it! Well - now you can! We will make it for you!

All you need to do is email us at And we will get with you to go over everything that's needed and wanted from both you and us as soon as we can!

 Made to Order: When you order it - We will make it. Pretty easy and to the point.. but a little more about that: eli james will find fabrics, here in Los Angeles, that he loves. They are usually very unique, premium and hard to find. Because of that - we really want to share it with you. Meaning get you something that you can't just go pick up at Zara or H&M or Walmart or any other store you can think of. : ) So where were we?.. oh yeah, so we will pick up the last of that fabric (usually very little left) and hold the fabrics here at GhostCircus HQ until it is out of stock. This means that people (from all around the world) has purchased this garment, we then make and ship it to them!

Once we are sold out of this fabric we will never re-stock or release this garment again. It is important that you know this so you don't get upset when you wait for the moment to buy it and it's never coming back.

How do I know if it's a "One of a Kind" or "Made to Order"?: Good question! If you look at the garment(s) details there will be a *note* to you at the bottom of the description that will inform you if it's "One of a Kind" or "Made to Order".. if the details of the garment does not have that *note* in the description then it'll most likely be restocked. 


GhostCircus Apparel Designer eli james, Los Angeles Clothing Company

GhostCircus Logo defined:
The little triangle in the middle is an "e" for "experience".. as the full triangle represents growth, awareness and understanding through this journey we call "life".
Originally created for "The eli james Experience!" (eli james' solo DJ/Drummer Light Show) and because GhostCircus is eli james' baby / art / vision / creation. He decided to adopt it for GhostCircus.