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GhostCircus Apparel Celebrity Fashion Design

Frank Zummo

In 2015, Sum 41, Krewella and Street Drum Corps drummer Mr. Frank Zummo became one of GhostCircus Apparel's first Endorsed Artists. As Frank and GCA's lead designer, eli james, worked together they really pushed the envelope and kept stepping up every new collaborative design effort - creating next level, raw edge, and completely unique clothing not only for whenever Frank was on stage performing, but for every aspect of his day-to-day life.

"These clothes, you know, are just one with me and they are perfect to literally accommodate my lifestyle in every way possible!" - Frank Zummo

Born in New York, Zummo began drumming around age 3, when he discovered his father's drum kit. By age 7, he was an award-winning drummer, taking home top prize in Long Island Drum Center’s "Battle of the Beats." Looking at Zummo’s impressive resume, it’s clear to see he never stopped. In 2004, Zummo helped found the amazing drum ensemble, Street Drum Corps, which became his biggest project to date, resulting in countless tours, performances, and theme park residencies. Other projects he has in his pocket include, but are not limited to: Motley Crue (filling in for Tommy Lee during a hand injury), Julien-K, theStart, thenewno2, Gary Numan, Scott Weilland (R.I.P.), and most recently teaming up with Krewella and SUM 41.

Joseph Réohm

Magic is a unique world that never fails to impress anyone at any age. From puzzling skeptics to mystifying children, Joseph Réohm knows that the world loves a good magic trick. Both a magician and an illusionist, Joseph has turned this unique realm into his personal playground and blows minds worldwide every time he takes the stage. His exciting and intriguing blend of excellent music, crafty and cunning humor and mind-boggling magic skills make Réohm stand out from the crowd and guarantee his audience a show that's unforgettably AWESOME.

Kevin Thrasher

With over 25 national and international tours / festivals under his belt, as well as engineering / performing guitars on Deuce's latest released record, guitars on Ashley Tisdale's release “Masquerade,” lead guitar / vox for Matt Toka, guitar / bass / programming and songwriting for Escape the Fate's latest record entitled "Hate Me," Kevin is also working on a solo project. Thrasher redefines the term "non-stop musician" - he is definitely one rising star not to let out of your sights.

Nadja Peulen

Heavy metal is teaming with a wealth of incomparable talent and colossal personalities. There is, however, a much-addressed matter of a shortage of women applying their trade in the heavier genres of the music industry. Bassist Nadja Peulen has been the one major exception to that rule. In a career spanning over 20 years, her ascension to musical paramount began in 1999 when she joined nu-metal icons, Coal Chamber, and has since seen her evolve into one of heavy metal's most recognized and accomplished women. And like a valkyrie wielding the thunder through her bass, when she takes the stage, audiences are riveted.

Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn connected with GhostCircus designer, eli james, through another GhostCircus Apparel artist / friend Mr. Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft in 2015. Kellin and eli hit it off right away resulting in Kellin ordering a bunch of clothes and rocking them all over the world. After about a year and a half of working together, eli and Kellin created their first official collaboration.

Kellin was recording Sleeping With Sirens' new album at the time, in Michigan, and eli james was in Los Angeles. eli had the idea to send Kellin some cotton canvas material to paint some cool art on black cotton canvas and once he was done he sent it back. eli james did a custom bleach process on the material and cut it all up in small rectangle pieces to then sew on the sleeves of GhostCircus shirts. 20% of profits were donated to The Mr. Molland's Opus Foundation to help keep kids off the streets and in music programs and school. Kellin and eli are in talks about another collaboration to be released in the coming year so stay tuned.

Jack Fowler

Jack Fowler and eli james met through Kellin Quinn when the band (Sleeping With Sirens) was recording in the studio in Los Angeles (Burbank Studio). eli went to do a fitting with Kellin and Jack and eli connected right away.

Jack put a unique custom faux leather jacket order in with GhostCircus / eli james. After about 3 months of working together on it, the jacket masterpiece was a success! Jack can be seen on tour now with Sleeping With Sirens wearing his custom GhostCircus jacket all over the world!

Bryce Soderberg

When they first met, Bryce Soderberg and eli james hit it off right away! Introduced by good friend / filmmaker / musician and GhostCircus Apparel artist, Mr. Malcolm Guess, Bryce was looking for something unique, comfortable and different to wear to The Grammys.

After the first fitting, Bryce and eli decided to team up for the rest of Bryce's style / fashion needs! eli james is his designer for Lifehouse and his solo project, "komox".

Tara Conner

Tara Conner is a TV personality, actress and a recovery advocate. Through her work she shares her experience, strength and hope with audiences throughout the United States.

She was crowned Miss USA in 2006. During December of that year she entered the Caron Treatment Center and completed 30 days of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. She has since celebrated 11 years of sobriety and is a power influencing speaker for Soba Living!

Josh Dun

Josh Dun and eli james connected through another amazing GhostCircus Apparel artist / legend, Mr. Frank Zummo, to design custom outfits for them for their amazing drum show with good friend, Adrian Young (No Doubt, Dream Car), at the AP Awards in 2017. Josh Dun and eli james hit it off pretty quickly and after the AP Show in Ohio, Josh connected with eli directly to get some custom pants and a bunch of GhostCircus caps (camo, grey and black caps). See Josh on tour with Twenty One Pilots!

Adrian Young

Adrian Young - drummer for No Doubt and Dream Car - and eli james also connected through GhostCircus Apparel legend, Mr. Frank Zummo, for the AP Awards show in 2017. Adrian has ordered many pairs of GhostCircus custom pants and these pants mark the first time he can actually wear pants while he plays drums because they're so comfortable and fit him so well. Without GhostCircus, Adrian would be pants-less!

Ryan Shuck

- Lead Singer of Julien-K, Guitarist for Dead By Sunrise and original member of ORGY -
American singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, producer, and entrepreneur. He has been a founding member of the industrial rock band Orgy. As of now, he is the leader of the Electronic rock / indietronica / dance project Julien-K and the guitarist and backing vocalist of Dead By Sunrise, the alternative rock side project of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Growing up, Shuck played in the Bakersfield-based rock band Sexart, alongside Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, Adema bassist Dave DeRoo, and Videodrone frontman Ty Elam. Aside from his musical career, Shuck also owns four popular restaurants in the Orange County, CA area and a recording studio in Long Beach, CA.

Amir Derakh

- Producer / Guitarist for Julien-K, Guitarist for Dead By Sunrise and original member of ORGY -
American musician and currently the guitarist and the synthesizer player for the band Julien-K, and guitarist for the band Dead by Sunrise. He was once a guitar synthesizer player in the rock band Orgy, and has also played guitar in the bands Rough Cutt and Jailhouse. He joined GhostCircus Apparel family early in 2015 when eli james started GhostCircus! 

Brandan Schieppati

- Lead Singer of Bleeding Through and Owner of Rise Above Fitness -

Sammi Doll

- Keys / Backup Vocals for IAMX and Lead Singer of Bullet Height -

Chris Hager

- Lead Guitarist for Rough Cutt, Rough Riot and former member of Ratt -
Chris Hager began his career as a rock guitarist, co-founding the rock group Ratt (originally Mickey Ratt) with singer Stephen Pearcy. He also cofounded the Sunset Strip band, Sarge, which led to joining Rough Cutt in ‘83 (along with Matt Thorne, who also originated in Ratt). Hager worked as a producer/ engineer & writer, landing songs on a number of Stephen Pearcy’s solo records including a track on the record Arcade, and went on to obtain a gold record for guitar work done on the Orgy record, Vapor Transmission. More recently Hager has toured with Pearcy since 2012 and reunited with Rough Cutt in 2016 for live dates through 2018.
Chris was introduced to GhostCircus Apparel and eli james through good friend and GhostCircus Apparel Artist Mr. Amir Derakh (circa mid 2016) where eli james and Chris hit it off right away and started to build Chris' new unique look and stage gear. They are close friends and are creating new pieces frequently to add to Chris's touring lifestyle.
Most recently, Hager, in collaboration with Paul Shortino, masterminded the super-group, Rough Riot, consisting of Hager, Shortino, David Alford, Sean McNabb, and Carlos Cavazo (of Quiet Riot fame) - Tour dates and record label TBA. Hager also performs regularly with world-class musicians at Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky a go-go in Hollywood and performs for various charity events.

Paul Wiley

- Guitarist for Marilyn Manson -

Tim Skold

- Guitarist / Writer / Lead Singer for SKOLD, Former Bassist for Marilyn Manson, KMFDM and Shotgun Messiah -

Bedros "SPIDEY" Akkelian

- Mentalist -

Jake Pitts

- Lead Guitarist for Black Veil Brides -

Chris Coma

- Drummer for Black Veil Brides -

Shelly Dinferno

- Alt Model / Fire Breather, London -

Creighton Emrick

- Guitarist / Bassist for ORGY -

Joel Meyers

- International Touring Magician -

Robert Ortiz

- Drummer for Escape The Fate -

Craig Mabbitt

- Lead Singer of Escape The Fate -

Brent "Look Fit Naked" Richardson

- Fitness Guru / Healthy Lifestyle Advocate -

Meegs Rascon

- Lead Guitar for Coal Chamber and Gemini Syndrome -

Malcolm Guess

- Filmmaker / Musician (The Clouds Below) -

Nik Kai

- Guitar Prodigy -

Tom Thacker

- Rhythm Guitarist / Keys for SUM 41 -

Cone McCaslin

- Bassist for SUM 41 -

Dave Baksh

- Lead Guitarist for SUM 41 -


Adam Ross

- Lead Guitarist for Demi Lovato -

Desiree Kaddatz

- International Model -