In your quest to support local business and keep your money circulating in your neighborhood, you may have noticed a common trend. Local businesses tend to be more expensive than their gigantic, name-brand counterparts.

Rather than deter you in your shopping experience, however, you should let that price tag motivate you—to continue supporting those in your community and take great care of each item you purchase. Consider them investment pieces that stay in your inventory for years and years to come.

After all, there's a good reason for those higher price tags. We at GhostCircus Apparel understand your valid questions concerning costs. And, to honor full transparency as a company worth your hard-earned money, we've prepared this article for you.

Keep reading to see why local businesses such as ours tend to be more expensive.

We Provide Staff Members With Livable Wages

Many fast-fashion retailers can get by with underpaying their staff, but that's not a mission that we vibe with.

We think each and every employee deserves a fair, living wage. That's why GhostCircus Apparel pays each member of its team at least $14.25 per hour.

When you shop at GhostCircus Apparel, you're helping us provide jobs to hard-working Californians who in turn enjoy going the extra mile for you!

We Use 90% American-Made Fabrics

When retailers or other business owners outsource their products overseas, they'll find that the US dollar stretches pretty far.

This makes it possible to produce items at a discounted rate, which translates to the price tag. However, cheap doesn't always mean better; often, the opposite is true.

We choose to buy garments and fabrics domestically, where the US dollar doesn't get spread paper-thin. Over 90% of our fabrics come from our own mills here in America. Forgoing the imported fabrics means our items are more expensive to make and source, and therefore, come with a necessary higher price tag.

Our Products Are Hand-Crafted

When you buy something online it's often hard to tell if what you're getting is hand-crafted.

Without that special human touch and extra love, the product is a factory-made, blandly-produced item. It just doesn't feel as unique, wearing something knowing it's been mass-produced.

At GhostCircus Apparel, every garment gets cut and sewn by a real live person, never seeing the inside of a factory's four walls. The time, care, and attention go a long way—and we're not just talking about longevity. We're talking about the cozy feeling, inside and out, of putting a handmade item on your body!

Much of Our Profits Get Donated

It simply feels good to support a local business knowing that they, too, support businesses, nonprofits, and other community-driven projects around them.

We at GhostCircus Apparel have donated over $60,000 of profits to things near and dear to our hearts, like making the planet a better place—and it's all thanks to a growing support base and the GC Apparel family like you! 

In addition to dollars donated, we've also given out 25,000 fashion covers. With mandates in California (and around the world) still holding up, this donation has the potential to keep many individuals safe in this time of need.

Woven Labels Designed and Sewn In-House

Have you ever bought something like a pair of pants or a t-shirt, and immediately went home to cut off the annoying tag in the back?

You'll never have to do that with our custom woven labels.

For every garment we sell, labels are designed in-house and then sewn onto your garment right at the GhostCircus Apparel headquarters. That means that each label is smooth and seamless and won't be annoying or itchy, compelling you to pick up the scissors.

The Options for Customization Are Plenty 

Something else that's done at our headquarters? A whole slew of personalization practices.

There, we produce, embroider, stud, distress, patch, and stitch every piece of thread or fabric. From beanies and fashion covers to shirts, hoodies, shorts, and more, you'll find endless customized options thanks to our talented and dedicated team members.

Each Product Is Carefully Curated to Be Durable and Comfortable

Fast fashion is steadily becoming a significant problem. It contributes to low wages (something we are adamantly against), poor working conditions, pollution, and even more waste worldwide.

Our founder and designer, eli james, wants to produce products that stay out of the wasteland and are sustainably-sourced and uniquely created. Each fabric and pattern is carefully curated and thoughtfully chosen to be nothing less than the best: premium, luxurious, durable, and comfortable to boot.

So, when you support local businesses like ours, you're not only making a fashion statement, but you're making a political statement! You're expressing that you're not okay with pollution, terrible working conditions, low wages, or more of a carbon footprint. Instead, you're into clothing that's meant to last—as it should be.

Support Local Businesses: Because It's So Worth It!

There's no better way to back your local community than to shop and spend your dollars within it.

When you support local businesses, 67 cents of every dollar stays in your neighborhood. Forty-four cents goes to the business and their staff members. Local businesses also tend to reinvest about 23 cents of every dollar made, into other local businesses.

With the above information in mind, we'd love you to continue shopping with GhostCircus Apparel—and feel good about it. Our products are hand-crafted, carefully curated, and made with intention and care in mind. We also give back to those in need by donating money we earn, all thanks to local shoppers like you.

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