during her reign as Miss USA, Tara Conner tested positive for cocaine and faced major backlash from the media and her peers. The people coined "Mess USA", and labeled her a disgrace to the crown. What they didn't know was that Tara was suffering from a nasty addiction from the age of 14. Instead of crumbling with embarrassment, Tara turned her life around and went on to become an advocate for substance use disorders and mental health. She turned her "mess" into her message, and has spent over a decade advocating for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Tara encourages all of those in Recovery to Recover Out Loud so that those suffering in silence know that they are loved, and that there is a way up and out of a hopeless state of mind and body.

we support your mess. your mess is an opportunity to grow, and we support you at every level. there's no shame in our game.

so with that said we introduce you to our unique collaboration between the one and only Miss USA 2006 Mrs. Tara Conner and husband / GhostCircus visionary and designer Mr. eli james. 

the idea is to stay positive through any and all light weight and / or heavy weighted situations life may throw your way. your ability to navigate your own path is much greater and more powerful than you know! we are here today to help one another create a better tomorrow and with that we bring you our vision 'Turn Your 'MESS' Into Your Message. all messes welcome!