At GhostCircus Apparel, we are always pushing innovation and design, and are continuously looking to expand our offerings, including additional sizes and styles across many of our product lines. Our XL and beard-friendly face masks are no exception.

Every day we gather feedback from our amazing customers and use it to craft unique new design features that set us apart. You want bigger, wider, longer, more styles, more designs? We hear you! We are continually evolving, innovating, and growing and many of the decisions we make are in large part due to the direct feedback we receive. Our ability to go to work every day to craft one-of-a-kind, boundary-breaking designs is due to the fantastic relationship we have with you guys - our GhostCircus Family!

Direct input in the form of requests, suggestions, and product reviews have helped to create some of our most innovative releases to date:

  • The first bandana on the market with a filter pocket for added protection
  • The first bandana on the market with form-fitting wire and earloops for added comfort and increased wearability
  • A number of beard friendly face mask options
  • XL face masks to fit a variety of sizes and shapes

If you are looking for an XL face mask, or a mask that works well with your beard the Outlaw Bandana is a great option that serves both of those needs. Whether you're bearded or big-headed, these face masks have got you covered!


To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Our bearded brethren have been barraged with (sometimes conflicting) information since the pandemic began. Many have been left wondering if they should shave their facial hair - "just to be on the safe side."

An article by McGill University released earlier this year entitled: "No Need To Shave The World: Why Your Beard Is Not A Problem In The Age Of COVID", states that "A 2014 study reinforced the finding that facial hair doesn't accumulate more bacteria than non-hairy facial skin. Researchers took swabs from the cheeks and upper lips of 199 healthcare workers who had facial hair and 209 who didn't. The results showed that clean-shaved healthcare workers were actually more likely to harbour certain types of bacteria than their fur-faced coworkers." (An obvious caveat to this in 2020 would be healthcare professionals who are required to wear tightly fitted N95 masks while working in a hospital setting.)

Another article on says; "Cloth masks do not require a seal, and could be used despite the presence of facial hair."

The takeaway here is that it all depends upon the situation you're in. Remember to always stay safe and follow the CDC guidelines.


Reusable > Disposable

Seeing as we all have to wear a mask, why not choose a reusable mask that reduces environmental impact and makes a fashion statement at the same time? All of our masks are machine washable which is a more sustainable option than disposable, and many of them have filter pockets as well for added protection.


Our PM 2.5 filters are made with activated carbon and feature 5 separate layers which helps to dissipate your breath nicely which means most people don't have a problem wearing a PM 2.5 filter mask with glasses.

In addition to the pocket for filters, another feature on many of our masks is the form-fitting wire that can be adjusted to fit snugly around the nose of the wearer. No two faces are the same so we try to provide as many options as we can!


The Future Of Face Masks

It is truly remarkable to think that less than a year ago wearing a face mask wasn't even a thought for most people, and now today it is an essential item for everyone around the globe. While it may be too early to know the future for sure, masks are certainly at the center of fashion for the moment. Masks have been common in many Asian countries for some time now for social and health reasons, but for us here in the West, it is still quite new. While some brands have remained mute on the subject, choosing to opt-out of mask production, we at GhostCircus Apparel identified the need early on and took steps to ensure that we could provide what has become an essential piece of everyone's OOTD. When there is one piece of fabric that you have to wear, why not make it reflect your style?

Will people continue to wear masks post-pandemic?

You most likely will see people wearing masks when they're feeling ill or worried about other people being sick around them. It certainly has become more socially acceptable and of course, wouldn't be a bad thing from a public health standpoint for people to wear masks during the common cold and flu season, when they're taking public transportation or in crowded areas. Historically speaking we (here in the West) are not a culture comfortable with wearing masks on a regular basis, out in public, etc. But a silver lining could turn out to be that over this past year we have begun to get over that stigma and from a health standpoint, that's a good thing. There is plenty of evidence that wearing a face mask does help to prevent the spreading of disease and after everything we have gone through thus far, we believe that people will want to continue to protect those around them. (Now if they would just make face recognition compatible with a mask! Having to type in a code to unlock my phone is so 2017...)


Your Input Is Encouraged

We always enjoy hearing from the GhostCircus Apparel Family! As we wind down on a very difficult year, please remember we are always here for you and we truly do care about your well-being. We are committed to keeping an open dialog with our customers, staff, and suppliers to promote inclusivity and togetherness as we move forward into the future. Let us know what you love and what you would like to see more of in upcoming releases. You can drop us a line here:

Wishing you peace and prosperity in the New Year!