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Welcome to our NEW GhostCircus Capsule Wardrobe

" A capsule wardrobe is a small and clutter-free wardrobe. It is a small collection of clothes you LOVE, that look and feel great on and that can mix and match to make many outfit combinations."
So with that said.. This is where we do limited releases throughout the year at a massive price cut for you with FREE Priority Domestic Shipping!
Strictly based off a first come, first serve system.
If you are familiar with our most popular "GC Mystery Boxes". These also work on the same type of system. Gratefully and luckily we are now expanding our ways to better serve the artists in you and the uniqueness of our garments. 
There will always be 5 garments in each drop. You will see the garments and the artwork on them so you can make your choice to purchase or not! But again, first come, first serve.
So get ready to make a great deal for your pockets, closet, your vision and comfort!

GhostCircus Capsule Wardrobe

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