Our Story

Born from the desire to attract, the devotion to individuality and a passion for elegance, GhostCircus Apparel is designed to transform your perception of reality and comfort into a visually compelling experience. From the creative mind of designer eli james, GhostCircus Apparel crosses the boundaries of modern art and performance, with the composure of contemporary urban wear, culminating in a statement of identity and originality. When your goal is comfort and style without sacrifice and the demand to impress is crucial, confidence is paramount.

Designer eli james, knows first hand, the importance of self-expression and adaptability. As a renowned musician in Los Angeles, he appreciates the need to stand out from the crowd and set your own standard of prestige.

GhostCircus Apparel is designed to bring the worlds of creative freedom and imagination to all aspects of life. We understand the value of being fashionably malleable to every potential situation. In an era of commitments and lasting first impressions, it’s never been more essential to blend business, leisure and personality. GhostCircus Apparel is about being yourself, being versatile, but most importantly…looking great in the process.