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GhostCircus Apparel | Mystery Box 666

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Mystery Box 666

by GhostCircus Apparel


Pre-Order is officially unlocked for our exclusive Halloween Mystery Box 666!!

Contains over $300 worth of GhostCircus Apparel for only $149.00


Why 666?

It’s our 6th year of Designer Apparel

This is our 6th Mystery Box

Each box contains 6 Limited Garments


Trick or Treat...

Gift yourself or someone else the thrilling experience of tearing open Mystery Box 666.

Pre-Order Closes at Midnight on Halloween 2021, don't miss out!!


If you are a member of our GhostCircus VIP Family or one of our influencers, you already know the amazing quality and standards we provide..

Mystery Box 666 is available to anyone who wants to participate until Pre-Order closes.