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Fashion design is an art unlike any other. Like anything creative, it can manifest itself into any shape, size, colour, or style, accepting inspiration from even the most fleeting of experiences, but what sets fashion design apart from all other art forms, is the nature of the finished product. For an item to be wearable, it must reflect not only the nature of the bearer but also the creative vision of the designer, meanwhile blending this multitude of elements into something stylish and comfortable enough to adorn the human body. To perfect this ability is something most designers strive for years to achieve, however, Los Angeles-based designer Yero Brown is quickly amassing the attention of the fashion industry, after an uncharacteristically short period in the business. His own personal journey is something that GhostCircus Apparel is incredibly excited to be a part of.

“I was introduced to GhostCircus Apparel through a mutual friend of ours, Bobby Schubenski of Blackcraft Cult. I remember immediately falling in love with the brand and what Eli was doing.” Like many designers before him, Yero had a distinct vision in mind from the very beginning, of what he was longing to create, but it was the partnership with GhostCircus Apparel that enabled his vision to became a reality, “The drive and creative process, along with the knowledge of the industry that eli has, is priceless. Being able to see a piece made from just an idea to being sold at a premium price, is an experience beyond measure.”

The progression from visionary idealist, to accomplished and successful fashion designer has been an extremely fast-paced process, in retrospect, for Yero who only began designing in early 2016 after making the move from director/photographer, “a visual artist, is how I see myself. I was a video editor for 10 years professionally. I went to film school to focus on directing and later that year I added photography to my list of creative outlets. Art and fashion are just an extension of that.”

Yero’s interest in fashion was never really something that came to him by choice or desire, but something that naturally developed from his childhood, “My mother was never able to afford clothes for me, so I was forced to wear hand-me-downs from my cousin who was much larger than me. I would alter the clothes to fit me. This continued through high school and into my adult life.” As with so many artists, Yero still attributes elements of his career to the childhood influences that impacted his youth, “Andre 3000 from Outkast was a huge inspiration. His ability to just be himself. I’ve always felt a lot of people try to be different or unique, which in itself is ironic because you are what makes you different. We are as every snowflake or every spot on a leopard…unique!” This passion for individuality and distinctiveness surrounds Yero, whether it is by accident or a silent stance on the importance of independence, evident throughout every one of his designs is the desire to never limit oneself to the precedence of what has come before.

Yero’s brand has made immense growth over the last few months, “I’ve got a few orders from NBA players and some interest from people in the movie industry here in Hollywood. The brand itself is making a little noise right now, and I’m focused on making sure I keep that going. I’d like my work to take me as far as the audience who supports my brand will allow it to go. Everything I do is from a place of passion and creativity. I love making dope shit. If people love it as much as I do and I’m able to make affordable quality items, then it will take me far.”

All of Yero’s current designs can be found on his website

“When I see anyone being themselves and that uniqueness shines through, I admire it and am reminded to stay the course.” – Yero

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