NINKEND0 May 04, 2017 16:20

GhostCircus Apparel’s ever deepening affiliation with an abundance of artists of all varieties has grown immensely over the past 2 years. The latest inclusion to the GhostCircus Apparel family is Los Angeles based DJ/producer Kenny Barnes aka NINKEND0. After being introduced to owner/designer eli james through eli’s own family connections to the EDM/dance music world, “One day while hanging out with eli at a get together, he took me to his car to show me a bunch of stereotypes of clothes he was working on. I knew right then that I had to have something!” However Kenny’s association with GhostCircus Apparel has been slowly developing for a while, I’ve actually been wearing GhostCircus Apparel for 2 years now! When I first met eli, (through eli’s brother Joseph) we instantly hit it off, talking about music and stuff. Eli was always showing up in these fresh clothes and I told him that I had to get some!

Being a musician/producer, creating a unique image for yourself is vital. Something that has made GhostCircus Apparel something of an industry standard. “I love the avant-garde look to the brand. It feels like I’m wearing a piece of art. It’s cool, it’s fresh…it’s different! Perfect for a producer/DJ like myself.”

Kenny’s latest musical foray came in the form of a new EP titled ‘Ante Meridiem’ which was released in early April 2017 under his NINKEND0 pseudonym. “It is my first official foray into the EDM/dance/trap music scene. I like to refer to my style as “hybrid-trap” music. It has lots of heavy bass, funky synth leads and features a few dope vocalists which really help bring a great energy to the tracks. Dance music on steroids!” You can find NINKEND0 online here

As most artists will tell you, the key to success in the music industry is hard work. As the industry advances and technology makes writing, recording, releasing and promoting your work, more accessible, the only way to stand out and create a name for yourself is through tiresome months of long days and late nights immersed in your trade. That said however, it’s important to know a balance between work and play, something that Kenny is all too aware of, “This year I promised myself that I would travel more. I went to Bali in January, I’m going to Mexico in June and I hope to visit my friend in Puerto Rico later in the year. You can always bet on finding me hiking or general exploring. I love trees and rivers and the ocean.”

Now that we’re getting deeper into 2017, Kenny’s focus is set firmly on NINKEND0. I am really putting all of my energy into this NINKEND0 release. I plan to put out another EP later this year as well as play out and develop my live show as much as possible! Musically I want to be playing shows regionally by the beginning of Fall. I’ll be attending Outsidelands in San Francisco and a few other music festivals in California as well.” Keep track of all things NINKEND0 by visiting the website