MEL MCFAIL March 23, 2017 22:55

Being a professional musician in 2016 is more strenuous than ever courtesy of the much publicised downward spiral of the rock and roll industry. However, musicians are among some of the most resourceful people on the planet. If you look at the music business from a different perspective, we are actually living through an incredibly exciting and intriguing artistic age. Artists in the 21st century are essentially visionary engines across multiple fields who have adapted to handle the adversity of the current climate. Musicians now are also actors, models, computer programmers, IT experts, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, writers, illustrators, and managers, among much more. The need for creators to find alternate imaginative outlets is leading to some incredibly exhilarating developments across the entire spectrum of ingenuity. Inspiring innovators like this surround GhostCircus Apparel in all directions. Recently we were joined by musician/model/chef Mel McFail. Mel’s music career speaks for itself, being the drummer for Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) and Hollywood-based industrial rock band Dead Girls Corp. But there’s much more to someone who personifies the rock and roll lifestyle of 2016.

Mel is currently drumming for Nita Strauss (guitarist for rock legend Alice Cooper), “She [Nita] is such as amazing person and inspirational musician. I’m so happy to be working with females on my level of professionalism and musicality, who are striving to make women significant in this industry again. I came from a punk rock background so drumming to metal is definitely new and a challenge for me. It’s made me better myself and I’m so excited and proud to be part of this project.” February 2016 also saw Mel become the new drummer for the Industrial goth rock band, Dead Girls Corp.

As is the case across a vast majority of the music industry, Mel is not unaccustomed to the art of custom apparel, “I wouldn’t say I’ve explored the fashion industry. I’ve sewn patches onto jackets using dental floss. As I said, I come from a punk rock background so I’ve been wearing ripped bands t-shirts and safety pins for a while.” The stylistic progression from tattered punk rock attire to GhostCircus Apparel is something Mel reflects upon proudly, “GhostCircus Apparel can be dressed up or down. I love the dark, ‘gothy’ aspects of the designs. The fabrics look great on stage and they breathe! I love how the dresses are sexy and sophisticated without showing too much skin. I’ve always loved eli james' [GhostCircus Apparel designer] designs and I was so excited when he told me about GhostCircus Apparel. So I’m stoked to be wearing some of his pieces.”

Combining creative fields takes a special kind of talent. This is something that Mel has expertly taken in her stride. Music aside, she is also an executive pastry chef. Music and culinary art are two vastly dissimilar industries that Mel has been able to ingeniously unify into an unparalleled, one of a kind, venture. “My cookbook has been a really fun project. Rather than just pictures of food, I’ve decided to use models and musicians to pose with the ingredients. It’s pretty weird, I have these visions of my model friends wearing sexy s&m lingerie and posing with carrots, ha! All of the recipes are named after 80’s metal songs. It all started with “Shout at the Devil’s Foodcake”, and just escalated from there. So many talented artists are a part of my dream project, and I couldn’t be happier.”

As of right now, there is a lot on Mel’s proverbial plate, “I’m really focused on this new band and have been rehearsing several times a week. We’ll be shooting a few music videos which will be released in December (hopefully) and recording a few songs as well. Keep an eye out for us!” With new music on the horizon and her cookbook right around the corner, we can’t wait to see where the next year takes this wonderfully talented member of the GhostCircus Apparel community.


Photos by Simon Green

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