MALCOLM GUESS March 23, 2017 22:44

The fashion industry has long been a cesspool of collective talent, bringing together people from all creative walks of life under one collective umbrella. At GhostCircus Apparel, we have been able to bring together a plethora of artists from across the entire spectrum of inventive talent and mould those individual characteristics into a lifestyle that reflects every individual. Musician/engineer and videographer, Malcolm Guess joined us almost 12 months ago and has been a driving force behind the brand’s image and lifestyle agenda.

Malcolm’s affiliation with GhostCircus Apparel began in mid-2015 while performing with his band The Clouds Below; “Eli fitted me with a custom, all-white outfit for performing in. It’s super cool and comfy, which is perfect because I get sweaty as hell during a show!” GhostCircus Apparel represents a lifestyle of creative virtues, a movement that Malcolm’s life parallels in every possible way, “The clothes speak for themselves I love that I feel like I’m wearing a piece of custom art. A piece of art hanging on the wall is great to look at, but wearing that art is so much cooler. It’s a conversation starter, it’s an identity AND it’s a statement!” Malcolm's contributions to GhostCircus Apparel, however, have been much more than that, "I've been shooting a TON of behind the scenes video of the photoshoots and whatnot.  I've created a few little teaser vids that are floating around social media but I'm currently working on editing a longer promo vid. I just have sooo much killer content It's kinda hard to know where to start sometimes.  There could easily be 10 more behind the scenes videos I could make. All in due time. When I get them finished...they'll be out there for all to see."

As a musician, Malcolm’s originality and obsession with his art saw the birth of electro, pop/rock band The Clouds Below in 2013, with Kaura bandmate Benjamin Jones. “We’re always working on writing new tunes. Our show is constantly evolving with the lights and music we add to our set.” The Clouds Below have become renowned for their live show, incorporating a unique blend of electronic pop rock music with an expertly designed light show, created personally by Malcolm and Benjamin. The Clouds Below has become an outlet for many of Malcolm’s never ending repertoire of talents. However music, lighting and engineering, by no means, cover the vast array of passions that have made Malcolm a collective genius of sorts. Recently he filmed a short documentary with Cirque du Soleil, “That came from a really great connection my girlfriend Tammy Newcomer made with Facundo, the ringmaster of Kurios, the travelling Cirque du Soleil production. They collaborated on a creative photo shoot project. I captured the experience and made a short documentary out of it. It was such a fun project! He’s always travelling, so I’m not sure what’s next but when he comes through LA again and the creative lightning strikes, I’m sure there’ll be another adventure shared together.” Perfecting so many different forms of ingenuity takes a work ethic unbeknownst to most. To be the kind of individual who thrives on conquering new horizons, you mustn’t be afraid to dive into the unknown, open-minded and willing to ascertain the necessary attributes needed to master exactly what a project needs to thrive. Needless to say, this visionary passion requires a lot of work and energy. Malcolm embodies this way of life, “I wear waaaaay more hats than I probably should, but I don’t think I’m gonna stop trying on more! I bounce around from producing music for The Clouds Below as well as producing and engineering other artist’s music. I also work with my band mate in The Clouds Below, Benjamin Jones, shooting video content for ourselves as well as other bands and artists and brands. And if that weren’t enough hats, I also have a startup business that I kinda have to keep hush about for the time being, but it has to do with healthy, vegan snacks and treats :)” Malcolm is a man, addicted to art. He's the kind of person who couldn't stop creating, whether he wanted to or not. It's in his blood, and that makes for some interesting viewing. Be sure to keep up to date with all of his adventures through his social media and The Clouds Below website.

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photos by: ahhmusephotography