Frank Zummo ROCKS! January 04, 2016 19:36

Frank Zummo is one of those artists that you tend to see everywhere, and there is a reason for that. He is one of the busiest drummers out there today (tied neck and neck with GhostCircus Apparel)! Zummo takes his passion for drumming to another level, rarely turning down an opportunity to expand his horizons and flex his versatility. 

Born in New York, Zummo began drumming around age 3, when he discovered his father's drum kit. By age 7, he was an award winning drummer, taking home top prize in Long Island Drum Centers “Battle of the Beats”. Looking at Zummo’s impressive resume, it’s clear to see he never stopped.

In 2004, Zummo helped found the amazing drum ensemble Street Drum Corps, which became his biggest project to date, resulting in countless tours, performances, and theme park residencies.

Other projects Zummo has in his pocket include, but not limited to, Motley Crue (filling in for Tommy Lee during a hand injury), Julien-K, theStart, thenewno2, Gary Numan, Scott Weilland (R.I.P.), and most recently teaming up with Krewella and SUM41.

Next up on Zummo’s calendar, you can check him out with the amazing SUM41 through 2016 and also with our good friends KREWELLA and of course rocking his GhostCircus Apparel!