Bobby Schubenski June 20, 2015 11:21

Not native to the Los Angeles scene but taking this place over one step at a time.

Originally from a small town in PA and now living in sunny Southern California.

Schubenski grew up in the music world working his way west then jumping in the Bass position for “The Witch Was Right” for a short stent while he was working with, now business partner/Co-Owner of BlackCraft Cult, Jim Somers. Positive, Creative, Optimistic, Dreamer, Visionary are just a few words to scratch the surface of this young man... Schubenski is not just an owner of a major clothing company/lifestyle, he is an artist in many avenues from design to music and life in general. This is where BlackCraft Cult came alive in many ways.

Starting this company with a hundred dollars and a dream. Schubenski worked his way into the masses of the dark/goth scene with cool designs and a contagious vision that no one else was doing, pushing the boundaries of what may be considered “satanic” is now a lifestyle for most. Not easy by any means but he pushed his way through the thick of it all to make his vision a reality.

Not to mention, Bobby loves to help friends and motivated people reach a their targets and goals in life. Schubenski is also a Co-Owner of the newer brand “Hoods Up” with Falling In Reverse front man Ronnie Radke, making their mark and taking over the younger markets as well. Schubenski constantly pushing forward with many avenues from WWE Diva Rosa Mendes “A Positive Purpose” clothing/message to Rapper/Artist B.Lay and “FAMLAY”.

Bobby came across GhostCircus Apparel and spread his wings to help connect major dots. As a huge supporter, Bobby sees the unique feel and different style where the fashion world and music collide. You can catch him in our clothing pretty much all the time. pay close attention to this artist!



IG @bobbyschubenski | @blackcraftcult