Nik Kai June 06, 2015 20:59

Nik Kai is a 14 year old American Heavy Metal Lead Guitarist. Having only played guitar for 5 years. Nik has incredible eye, hand, coordination and an exceptional ear for music. Because of this his photographic memory gives him the ability to mimic music instantly and retain it.

Nik is racking up the musical achievements in mass, In addition to being featured on Howard Stern, various national television programs, winning LA Music Awards’2011 Rock Guitarist of the year. Being the youngest nominee in the history of the prestigious Metal Hammer UK’s Golden God Awards, stunning the crowd at Dimebash 2011, becoming an endorsee for a veritable who’s-who in the music industry, and playing with many of today’s top players and musical legends. Nik now has his sights set on releasing his merchandise line and finishing his first album.

In addition to his achievements that will solidify to the world he is the next guitar hero, Nik has embarked into another arena of the entertainment industry and is currently working on a reality television project with various celebrity artists, all while continuing to tour and collaborate on musical endeavors all while rocking his very own GhostCircus Apparel!


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