Illusionist Joseph Réohm May 30, 2015 22:44

"I am an escape artist. I don't escape from straight jackets or chains, I break you free from your world and into mine; a world where magic isn't a trick but a reality...where physics knows no bounds and gravity is whatever I choose it to be.” - Joseph Réohm

Magic is a unique world that never fails to impress anyone at any age. From puzzling skeptics, to mystifying children; the world loves a good magic trick. Magician and illusionist Joseph Réohm has turned this unique world into his personal playground and baffles audiences worldwide with his unique performance style. An exciting and intriguing blend of excellent music, crafty and cunning humor and mind-boggling magic makes Réohm stand out from the crowd.

Finding his passion for magic and illusion at the tender age of 4, he received his first magic set from his Grandfather at 4, and he’s been working at it since then. In 2001, Réohm unleashed his passion and made the move from a magic enthusiast to professional, covering a spectrum of audience sizes ranging  from small intimate settings to corporate functions to crowds of over 14,000!

With such incredible talent, it is easy to see why Réohm’s career is certainly taking flight. In 2014, he competed on SyFy's reality competition TV show “Wizard Wars” (Episode 6 “Birds of a Feather”), and became the season finale winner. Currently Réohm is part of a magic super group The Surrealists, along side Joel Meyers and Spidey, on TruTV's “Fake Off” (one of the biggest performing arts competition shows in the world). Tune in Wednesday June 10th to catch The Surrealists and Joseph Réohm in his custom GhostCircus Apparel!! 

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