The Amanda Jean April 02, 2015 20:59

As a woman in her mid-20’s, Los Angeles based Amanda Jean already has an impressive resume under her belt. Modeling for photography and clothing lines alike, Jean also dips her toes in the backstage part of the fashion industry as a personal stylist, as well as set styling. Backed by over 7 years of experience, Amanda Jean has a fabulous and versatile look that makes her a great asset to the modeling industry.

Having launched her modeling career back in 2009, it is clear to see she has been a busy girl, working with 25+ photographers and modeling for some 20+ clothing lines, Jean is clearly a seasoned professional. As for what is on the horizon, Jean is also currently working on launching her very own clothing line, Amanda Jean Co.

When not flexing her fashion sense in print and online, you can also find Amanda Jean on TV. In March of 2014, Jean joined up with MTV for their docu-series “House of Food”, which takes a group of individuals all sharing a passion for food but little experience as aspiring chefs, and sets them up to learn and compete for an apprenticeship.

Keep your eye out for Amanda rocking some of our Ghost Circus pieces, and don’t forget to check her out on House of Food, which airs on MTV.

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Photograph by: Danielle Pruett | Website | Instagram