photo-2Nik Kai is an artist who has redefined the music industry over the last 5 years. Since bursting onto the heavy metal scene at just 11 years old, Nik has since gone on to play Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2015 (alongside Rob Zombie and Judas Priest), he’s recognized as the youngest ever nominee at the prestigious Golden Gods Awards and in 2011 he won LA Music Awards’ Rock Guitarist of the Year, he has been featured on TV programs such as Howard Stern in 2011 and more recently on KNTV’s Morning Blend. At still at only 15 years old, there are many chapters yet to be written about a young man who has already achieved so much. Nik joined the GhostCircus Apparel collective in 2015, and so far it’s been a perfect fit!

Over the last five years, Nik Kai has become the global poster boy for the future of heavy metal, and while his musical talents are much documented, it’s the maner of which he presents himself that is turning heads right across the music industry. Music and fashion are two separate entities that have always coexisted in an interweaving web of creative virtues, so finding your own unique way to identify yourself can be a daunting task, a situation that Nik has taken in his stride. Nik manifested a distinctive persona unto himself from a very young age, and together with GhostCircus Apparel designer eli james, has helped to redefine the ever-present relationship between music and fashion. “I’ve been wearing GhostCircus Apparel for a little over a year now and it’s been the best clothing I’ve come across! I love ripped/distressed hoodies, pants and sphoto-1hirts. I couldn’t come up with just 1 go-to item from GhostCircus Apparel, I just have to have it all!”

Musically, Nik has accomplished more in half a decade than what most musicians can dream of accomplishing in a lifetime. From a journey that began as a proverbial “child prodigy”, to proving himself as a multitalented artist of the modern age with his band No Words, Nik’s ability for song writing and production has seen him become a lot more than a musician, he writes, records, produces and engineers all of his own work, a natural tendency that has earned him the respect of the past and indeed the admiration of the future generations of composers, songwriters and entertainers.

With his ever-growing catalogue of inspired undertakings, Nik is taking the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry and moulding it to his own innovative cause, “I’m working on some new projects that I’m really excited to release.” Yet even with his successes and glowing plaudits from across the world, it’s his ability to stay humble and true to himself that has singled him out from the crowds, “It’s amazing to think that people think I am one of the best!”

Having had such a eventful and flourishing 2016, Nik is already looking to the future, with multiple projects across new and unexplored territories, from a reality TV show that’s still in production to a rumored new EDM project that’s gathering momentum, there seems to be no stopping a young man that is breathing new life into the entertainment industry. “I love the fashion industry, and am very interested in getting involved in it too!” As 2016 draws to a close, Nik’s eye is already cast toward the future, “I’m spending [the rest of] 2016 preparing for my new adventures in 2017!”

With so much more to offer, this is definitely one artist to watch in the new year.

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