Los Angeles is undoubtedly the world’s entertainment capital, bringing with it an abundance of world-class talent across all creative fields. From musicians, actors, designers, models and performers of all varieties, there is no shortage of competition. To be prosperous, you need to first discover what, in yourself, are you finest assets and attributes, and combine them with a devoted commitment to your profession. If you can do that, all the while holding steadfast to your ambition, you will inevitably taste the joys of success. Model/entertainer Jade Ealy meets those criteria at every turn. Combining her skills with her passions and integrating them all into her already impressive portfolio. As one of the faces of GhostCircus Apparel’s ‘eli james Red’ collection, Jade is an esteemed part of our ever-growing GhostCircus Apparel family.

2016 started with lofty ambitions for both Jade and GhostCircus Apparel, while both parties hit the ground running, the prior friendship with designer Eli James and Jade meant that their paths crossed almost immediately. “My first shoot for GhostCircus Apparel was excitedly enough also my first shoot of 2016! Coming off of that set was certainly a high, and a momentum I have carried throughout the year.” Since then, Jade has featured heavily for GhostCircus Apparel over the course of the year, and as a model with her fair share of industry experience, she is somewhat of an expert on the art of attire. “It [GhostCircus Apparel] looks badass and it’s comfy as hell! One of my favourite pieces is the Jailbreak Jumpsuit, for this exact reason.”

Jade was chosen, alongside LA-based musician/model Alicia Vigil, to become one of the faces of ‘eli james Red’, the first full collection by GhostCircus Apparel designer eli james, recently. “We each [Jade and Alicia] had shot the brand separately but we had been itching to work together. Eli gave us this chance. It photowasn’t until months after the shoot, did we find out we were actually the face of the new collection! I was very honoured to have that title with another beautiful model.” The ‘eli james Red’ collection can be found exclusively at GhostCircusApparel.com.

Modeling in Los Angeles can be a daunting task. The city is the desired destination, not only, for the world’s best, but also the aspiring, the renowned and the accomplished. With an abundance of talent lurking behind every door, it takes a special kind of individual to emerge from the horde. “One BIG obstacle I face is being too small; I am a proud 5’6”. A whole 1-2 inches smaller than a typical model.” In an industry with such extreme standards, embracing your strengths, exuding confidence and having pragmatic knowledge of your own dexterity, will always culminate in success. “I eat, sleep and breathe entertaining.

Modeling is certainly a huge passion I have been fortunate to make a career, in conjunction with my other performance ventures. I am so grateful I get to do this.” Jade embodies the creative versatility that is needed to thrive in the entertainment industry. Modeling aside, she also recently starred in the fashion video #rockyourlife by Pretty Attitude. “That video aired 6 times at Madison Square Garden before 5 Seconds of Summer took the stage,” an achievement that she reflects upon with immense pride, “That’s a little Jade on a BIG SCREEN! (See what I did there?)”

Coming off the success of the ‘eli james Red’ campaign, Jade has kept up the tempo and positivity, having just been part of Skinnybitch Apparel’s ‘Back 2 School’ campaign. 2016’s accomplishments have opened a plethora of doors already. “‘Back 2 School’ will be coming out in the next few weeks [August/September], but everything else is TOP SECRET! But stay tuned! Like I said, I love to entertain!”


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